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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worst night of the year.

This will be a short post this evening. I've already written 5000 words today in my young adult novel "SPF." It's been a good day. Unfortunately tonight is the worst night of the year. Why's that? Because of a unnecessary and outdated annual event we refer to as "Spring Forward." I dread it all year. I am not a morning person. Anyone who really knows me can tell you this. It takes me several weeks to make up for that missing hour of sleep. I can't make up for it by going to bed an hour earlier because with the added daylight my kids just stay up an hour later.I'll give up fall back to get rid of spring forward. Arizona and Hawaii have the right of things by not observing it.

I think once I finish my novel I'll donate a portion of the proceeds to ending the annual spring forward/fall back. Down with Daylight Savings Time!




  1. I wish we were all like Arizona, and didn't do daylight savings...I really don't like it! I'll support your efforts to do away with it too! But, what a great job today, 5,000 words, that's great!!!

  2. I hate Day light savings time too.

  3. I'll agree as long as we can stay sprung forward...lol.... Sun later in the day makes me happy. I am a night owl (as many of you have noticed by how late I post. I think I outlast some of the West Coasters. :D )so I sleep later and want every mintue of sunshine I can get. Non-morning people unite? lol