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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M.G. Magazine

This blog is a new endeavor for me but writing is not. I have been writing my entire life for enjoyment, occasionally with accolades and awards. Sadly, most of my writing in recent years has been technical writing for work. Who doesn't love a good letter to a Physician or report of a recent meeting? In my younger years however  my writing was a bit more exciting.

When I was eight years old my parents separated. This was a difficult time for me as it would be for any eight year old. While my sister and I stayed in our white, ranch style home on Van Buran Street my dad moved into his insurance agency which had a small kitchenette and a couch that converted to a bed. He showered at the local Elks lodge. Sundays were our day with my dad. While some Sundays we would go fishing or catch a minor league baseball game many Sundays were spent at his office while he tried to balance his work with his children.

This was a hard time but I have fond memories of watching Star Wars for the first time on VHS not Beta, drinking Coca Cola with lemon juice added to make it special, playing Frogger and Donkey Kong on the Coleco Vision and writing. Let me tell you about M.G. Magazine. Never heard of it? Not surprising as distribution was limited to my dad and my younger sister. It featured original artwork in colorful highlighters and ballpoint pen, stories and news from the prior week. Occasionally I would interview my sister. The finishing touch was a neat row of staples on the left hand side. I would not be surprised if my dad still has a few copies stashed away somewhere.

M.G. Magazine is what I consider the true start of my writing career. I created it in a difficult time and used it to distract me from the changes around me. The publication was sporadic and alas it was only in circulation for two years (the market was limited) but it still has significant meaning to me today. From the magazine I moved on to short stories and poems, longer stories and term papers but I will never forgot the little magazine with the bright artwork, handwritten stories and a whole lot of my heart put into it.

Maybe if my dad has a copy left I'll post one someday. The one and only M.G. Magazine by the one and only
M.G. Ainsworth.



  1. What a wonderful memory, keep the storys coming!

  2. huh, I lived in a white house on Van Buren street when my dad moved out too! lol... No joke! Though my dad just got an apartment.

    I'd subscribe to MG Magazine. ;)

  3. A touching memory. Thank you for sharing, MG magazine sounds like an incredible start to your writing career.