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Saturday, January 7, 2012


For my first post of 2012 resolutions seemed like an appropriate topic. 
In December I read an article in a waiting room about a scientific study showing hat lucky people make their own luck. What stuck with me long after I forgot the name of the magazine was that lucky people are open to possibilities, make good decisions, seize chance opportunities and are not afraid to either change course or persevere depending on the situation. They trust their gut feeling and instincts. This may be based on Richard Wiseman's famous study published in 2003 which is what I kept coming up with this evening when I googled in an attempt to cite a source for my major resolution.  This leads me to resolution #1:

1. I'm going to make my own luck. I've already taken a leap of faith by a small change of course. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the WG2E Valentine's Anthology and have a 16,000 word novella entitled The Cherub's Choice being published in it 2/1/12. It was good luck that I read the WG2E blog post soliciting interested authors and responded quickly enough to be a part of their second anthology. When I wrote The Cherub's Choice it quickly became evident to me it would be the prequel to a fun new series about Cupid and his progeny. I had book one, which will be entitled Venus Vexed, plotted out before finishing the prequel. As such, I've decided to put my current young adult novel, SPF, aside for a short period of time  to write Venus Vexed in the hope that I'll make my own luck by drawing in readers from the anthology. My husband gave me an are you crazy? look when I announced my decision since SPF is sitting at 45,000 words and has been my major focus this past year but I repeated my mantra: Lucky people make their own luck. I'll finish up SPF after Venus Vexed is complete.

2. I'm going to update this blog at least twice per week, up from the current monthly plan and try to share more about my journey as a wife/mother/full time employee/author and my current projects.

3. I will finish both Venus Vexed and SPF and publish them by year end and start book two in The Cherub Series . I also retain the rights to The Cherub's Choice and will publish it as a stand alone novella.

4. I have met many wonderful authors through my writer's groups and I will read and review at least one book per month from group members as my way of supporting and saying thanks to my fellow authors. I will also endeavor to leave a positive review of every outstanding book I read. I'm great about reading but lax about reviewing. The first book I'll review for 2012 is S.L, Naeole's new release Dark Veil, which I was fortunate enough to win an ARC of and was blown away by it. Forget werewolves, I want more werepanthers!

What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear them, so feel free to comment! 

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