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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Viva la Valentines Day!

I'm going to skip the apologies about the irregularity of my posts (do they make mental metamucil?) and skip to some exciting news tonight. If anyone is thinking it's a bit early for Valentine's Day from my title, it is - unless you've been selected to be a part of a Valentines Day anthology to be published February 2012! The theme is Viva la Valentines Day and it's being compiled by the excellent folks at the WG2E. I'll be in fantastic company including D.D. Scott, Tonya Kappes & Lee Lopez to name a few. If you'd like to know more here is the link to the press release:


I've already started my short story which will be around 15,000 words and features Cupid's granddaughter. What? You didn't know Cupid had a granddaughter? Well he does - in fact he has many grandchildren being a bit of a ladies man ;-) Being Cupid's granddaughter is not easy, particularly when your family is always meddling in your love affairs.This is Dara's story and I'm excited to say that I also plan to publish it as a stand alone prequal to a new series which I'll start after finishing SPF.

As for SPF I'm around 2/3 done. I'd hoped to be done by Christmas but it turned out there was more story to tell than originally planned so it may debut in January, closer to the anthology. There are several story threads and I want to make sure I tie them together properly. No loose shoelaces in my story!

Last but not least look for my short story, Bubbles, in the Dream On Anthology being released December 2011.

My short story about Cupid's Granddaughter is in need of a name. I'm happy to take suggestions from my fabulous followers! Just post your suggestions as a comment below. I also have a Goodreads Author page so feel free to look me up if you're on the site.

In closing, I'll leave you with a picture, promised several blogs back, of one of the farm activities that has kept me from writing (in addition to work and the kidlets). I introduce to you my six little ladies (I hope!), also in need of names. The Rhode Island Reds are currently all called Goldilocks and the Barred Rock's are all called Black Beauty. I'll get to naming them one of these days. Without further ado, the chicken pictures:

3 days old

2 weeks old

a month old....

The coop in progress. The little chickies are still inside under a heat lamp at night.

Thanks for following!

11:28 PM (after 9) :-)

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  1. I can't wait to start reading your new story!! It sounds like a lot of fun!!