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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Home Stretch

When I started writing SPF last year I had no idea what a journey the process would take me on. After years of scribbling for my own eyes I decided it was time to write a book. On a girls ski weekend with some good friends I opened up my laptop during a Twilight marathon and started. I didn't have a title, but I had an idea. I was quite naive about the actual time finishing the novel would take but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If I'd known it would be more than a year of writing, editing and learning the ropes of indie publishing I might have been too scared to take the plunge. Time was already tight with a full time job and two kids under the age of 7, not too mention a menagerie of animals on our small acreage. I'd plot out story lines while commuting home, sitting at soccer practice or collecting eggs. 

Along the way I've been blessed and enriched by joining several online writing groups. The indie writing community is filled with many bright, talented and helpful individuals and I've developed some wonderful friendships. Through them I learned about blurbs, critique partners and groups, editors, beta readers, formatting, cover and book swag design, launch parties and book tours.

I started this blog, selecting for my title my normal daily writing time: after nine PM. Unfortunately my posting has been sporadic at best. I may be the worst blogger in the world. Is there an award for that? All this is about to change. You see, I'm on the home stretch. SPF is complete. I've made my own edits and applied my critique partner's suggestions and the book is with my editor. Once I've made my editor's changes it will be time for beta readers and an official release date. Halloween would be fun, but I now know my limitations so November is more realistic. 

I'm also taking part in events to get the word out about SPF's upcoming release. I'm part of a fabulous online event tomorrow: Fall into reading. It features a bunch of great indie authors with lost of book swag and prizes. Stop on by at:


For this event I designed and ordered my first batch of swag. Opening the box was like Christmas! I'm working on a date for an online release party, and sometime after that an online book tour. 

I also plan to be a better blogger. While I'm on the home stretch with SPF, I'm planning a fresh start with this blog. My goal is 3 posts per week. One day to update on my current projects, another day to review and discuss some of the fabulous indie books I've read, and a third day for guest posts or other general observations. 

In the next week you can look forward to a sneak peak from SPF and a review of one of  my recent indie reads.

Thanks for following!

MG :-)

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