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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Follow Friday Blog Hop 5/20/11

Welcome back to the blog hop! I'm excited to be the featured Author this week! A little bit about myself to any one visiting for the first time: I'm a thirty something wife, mother and self proclaimed bookworm who is living a lifelong dream of being an Author. I'm a graduate of Lewis & Clark College and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family and a menagerie of pets. I write primarily after nine at night and on weekends but hope to someday make writing a full time profession. I am working on paranormal romance and urban fantasy books in both the YA and adult categories. When not writing, reading or working I love traveling and taking advantage of the recreational activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer including camping, hiking, fishing and skiing. I grow champion Walla Walla sweet onions for the county fair and avoid housework at all costs. i have a short story being published this summer in the Dream On Anthology and am working on a young adult paranormal romance, SPF, and an adult paranomal romance, Spiritual Baggage. I hope to publish SPF by the end of the Summer. I had a great question to answer for the hop this week:

What author, dead or alive, would you most want to spend a day with and why?
I consider myself fortunate that I've had an entire week to think about this because it's a difficult decision. There are many wonderful authors I admire and would like to meet. I considered Jane Austen, Dr. Seuss, Edgar Allan Poe and J.R.R. Tolkien as deceased authors and living authors included J.K. Rowling, Charlaine Harris, Nora Roberts and Chelsea Handler who would provide a most entertaining day, I'm sure.

After much deliberation Nora Roberts is the winner. Not only are her books in the Three Sisters Island, Key, Born In, In the Garden and Circle trilogies amongst my favorites, I also admire her work ethic and dedication to writing as a profession. While I don't read all of her books since I am more interested in those with an urban fantasy or paranormal vibe I admire her ability to write books across multiple genres and for different audiences.

She embodies being an Author as a profession. She once stated "you don't find time to write. You make time. It's my job." She spends her weekdays in an office writing and releases several novels a year with great reviews. I dream of being at the point where I am not finding time to write but making time, and I find I am make much more progress when I take this approach carving out hours dedicated to writing.

She has also uttered the words that have inspired me most as a writer both to start writing and to continue despite obstacles from self doubt to exhaustion:

"You can fix anything but a blank page"

I would like to spend a day with her not only because I admire her works but because she has some real insight into the writing process and inspires me as an Author to keep writing.
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  1. Very cool! I have to say I haven't read a lot of Nora Roberts books, but I will have to try them out sometime. :)

    It's neat that you also included a little about yourself. I love learning new things about my friends. Walla walla onions, huh? That's so cool!

  2. Love this! Nora is one of my favorites, too. I like all of her books. In fact, I like all of the authors you picked. I hadn't thought of Dr. Seuss until you mentioned him. That would be a hoot!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Hi M.G......
    I'm already a follower, but wanted to stop by and check in. I've read the 'Born In' series by Roberts, and I enjoyed them. The last was not as good as the first two for me, but that may be due to some secret love for Murphy....lol. ~ Nadja

  4. Hey, look, I am so glad I checked out your page today. What a fantastic quote!!! I always say to people, you can't edit nothing. In other words, at least once you've got something down on paper, you can work with it.

    Stay well M.G.


  5. Hi MG,

    I hope all is well. Your site looks great.

    Keep up the good work.

    Darrell Pitt