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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follow me Friday hop. What's in a name?

This week's Follow Friday blog hop topic is "What's in a Name."

I have a first name, a last name, a middle name and a maiden name as well as a pen name, however, this blog is about my blog name and how I came up with it. My blog is relatively young, only a couple of months in age. I came up with the idea to start one through my writing group, many of whom participate in this Follow Friday blog hop. I hoped that by creating my blog it would help me create my identity as as MG Ainsworth, the writer as well. It would be a place to share a little bit about myself: my background, my current projects, my progress and my goals.

Easy blog names could have been MGAinsworth.blogspot, WriterMGAinsworth.blogspot or MGAinsworthbooks.blogspot. I have never been one to take the easy way. I wanted a blog name that could stand out. I wanted it to have a little more pizazz and to identify with who I am as a writer. In my very first blog entry I explained that given my work and family commitments I find the majority of my writing happening after 9 PM and on weekends. It is not easy and would not be possible if I wasn't a bit of a night owl. I don't function in the morning without a lot of Pepsi and never really get in my groove until at least 10 or 11 AM, but I can really get the creative juices going in the evening. When my book is complete there will be very liitle, if any, that was written on a weekday before 9 PM. My blog is always updated after 9 PM. I am literally living my dream of being a writer after 9 PM. Alternately, I am writing after nine hours of work at my day job that currently pays the bills. In either case I am writing after nine, and this gave birth to the name of my blog. It's part of my identity as a writer and describes when I write. Thankfully my muse is a night owl as well.

So when 9 PM rolls around you'll know what I am doing: writing and occasionally updating my blog. Thanks for following writingafternine!

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  1. I agree I do most of my writing at night too.

  2. I do most of my writing at night too. It's a writers life.

  3. Your blog title suits you perfectly! I used to write at night but I have found I think better early in the morning. So I am trying to adjust my sleep schedule to accommodate that.

  4. I have never thought well in the morning. I always thought that 10 AM to 6:30 PM would be a perfect work schedule for me.

  5. I, too am just starting on this journey and best wishes to you! I am a creature of the night and find myself looking up at the clock seeing it's 3am. But, I don't have a day job right now. See you next Friday and hope you stop by: http://fateandfaith-julee.blogspot.com/2011/04/follow-friday-whats-in-name.html

  6. Thank goodness your muse is on the same schedule! Happy writing!

  7. Love the story behind your blog's name! Mine would have to be writing after the sun goes down since that's the only real time (other than Saturdays) that I get to write.

    New follower from the hop. Hope you'll stop by!

    Gabrielle Bisset

  8. Love it.
    You should print it up on a coffee mug.
    It's catchy & commercial & writers would like it.

  9. I like it Pamela! Maybe coffee mugs and mouse pads.

  10. I'm the same way with writing. I do most of it at night after working all day.